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Readers, downstate •• Forgotten Mile Ale House •• 20859 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, 212-2151


Readers, downstate •• The Starboard •• 2009 Coastal Hwy., Dewey Beach, 227-4600

Bar Menu

Editors, downstate •• We have raved many times about the crab cakes at Nantuckets Restaurant, so we’ll say no more than they are especially good when enjoyed in the bar. So are fresh oysters on the half shell. So are the paninis. So is the lobster macaroni and cheese. •• 601 Coastal Hwy., Fenwick Island, 539-2607

Beer Selection

Readers, downstate •• 16 Mile Brewing Co. •• 413 S. Bedford St., Georgetown, 253-8816


Editors, downstate •• Petite, casual JAM Bistro by Eden is the perfect stop for happy hour or a cozy dinner after a show at Clear Space Theatre Company. The wine list is robust, but it’s the house-made infusions that appear in many of the cocktails that give JAM the edge. Diners slurp fresh oysters, enjoy tender short ribs and burgers, and fight over the last bite of Key lime pie. •• 21 Baltimore Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 226-5266

Breakfast Place

Readers, downstate •• Crystal Restaurant •• 620 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-1088

Breakfast Sandwich

Editors, downstate • The young Brunch n’ Lunch may be small, but every item on the menu packs a punch. Take the cheeky breakfast “sammies.” #Hashtag The BAE is made with bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, pepper jack cheese and hot sauce. The Hot Chick is crispy chicken topped with cheddar jack cheese, greens, tomatoes and, again, hot sauce. Our stomachs are growling. •• 25 W. Loockerman St., Dover, 678-8999


Readers, downstate  Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats •• 320 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 226-2739


Readers, downstate (tie)  Bethany Blues BBQ •• 6 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Bethany Beach, 537-1500 •• 18385 Coastal Hwy., Lewes, 644-2500 •• The Starboard •• 2009 Coastal Hwy., Dewey Beach, 227-4600

Brunch with a View

Editors, downstate  Victoria’s Restaurant offers something almost no other place at the beach can: a view of the ocean from almost every seat in the house. For an even better view, ask for a table on the boardwalk patio. The menu offers all the breakfast standards and a few with a twist, such as creamed chipped duck and cinnamon bun French toast. •• 2 Olive Ave. and the Boardwalk, Rehoboth Beach, 227-7169


Readers, downstate •• Forgotten Mile Ale House  20859 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, 212-2151


Editors, downstate •• Before you enjoy your entrée of beef tongue in sherry sauce at Mariachi Restaurant, a bowl of marinated white fish with sweet onions and peppers will pique your tastebuds. Lemon gives it the zing. • 14 Wilmington Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-0115

Charcuterie and Cheese Plate

Editors, downstate •• We are powerless over a good duck pâté, so we were pleased to see the foie gras torchon on the menu at The Buttery. Other choices: octopus terrine, swordfish pastrami and a handful of cheeses that cover the bases: cow’s milk, goat’s milk, blue, soft and firm. You get the idea. •• 102 Second St., Lewes, 645-7755


Readers, downstate •• Hari Cameron of a(MUSE.) •• 44 Baltimore Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-7107 •• Read more about Hari Cameron here.


Chef Hari Cameron//Photo by Leslie Barbaro

Cocktail Selection

Readers, downstate •• Fork + Flask at Nage •• 19730 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, 226-2037

Coffee Shop

Readers, downstate •• The Point Coffee House and Bake Shoppe •• 37140 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 260-9734

Crab Cakes

Readers, downstate •• Woody’s Dewey Beach, Bar & Grill •• 1904 Coastal Hwy., Dewey Beach, 260-9945

Editors, downstate •• At Just Hooked, your perfectly broiled cakes are fat with lumps of Maryland blue crab and seasoned sublimely. Served with smoky roasted fingerling potatoes and fresh greens in a lemony vinaigrette, they make one of the best meals at the beach, period. Better yet, the price is right. •• 1500 Coastal Hwy., Fenwick Island, 581-0098

Crab House

Editors, downstate •• Clean, bright and lively, The Blue Crab is a perfect place to sit and pick, a vital part of many family vacations, as well as a favorite among locals. A consistently good supply of crabs, friendly servers and fair prices seal the deal. •• 210 Garfield Pkwy., Bethany Beach, 537-4700

Date-Night Restaurant

Readers, downstate •• Bethany Blues BBQ •• 6 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Bethany Beach, 537-1500 •• 18385 Coastal Hwy., Lewes, 644-2500

Editors, downstate •• White linen, white candles, twinkly white lights and cozy booths protected by sheers. Heavenly. Eden really is a beautiful place to make a lasting impression. The monthly wine dinners, celebrated wine list and oh-so-sweet desserts cement Eden’s rep as the place to dine with your date. •• 23 Baltimore Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-3330


Readers, downstate •• Fork + Flask at Nage •• 19730 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, 226-2037

Dining Icon

Editors, downstate •• Well over 40 years ago, a trio of mavericks with no experience in the restaurant business opened a place that offered a delicious alternative to then-typical beach fare of burgers, dogs and fried seafood. The Back Porch Café paved the way for every other chef and place that helped make Rehoboth a dining destination. •• 59 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-3674

Dinner Before the Show

Editors, downstate •• Just four doors from Clear Space Theatre, Café Azafran always provides an exceptional dining experience. So before you see “A Chorus Line” or “Legally Blonde the Musical” this month, make time for tapas such as baked goat cheese with olives, artichokes and roasted peppers, or for an entrée like bouillabaisse. •• 18 Baltimore Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-8100

Family Place

Readers, downstate •• Crooked Hammock Brewery •• 36707 Crooked Hammock Way, Lewes, 644-7837

Fine Dining

Readers, downstate •• Blue Moon •• 35 Baltimore Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-6515

Happy Hour

Readers, downstate •• FINS Fish House & Raw Bar •• 243 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 226-3467 •• 19269 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, 227-3467

Healthy Fare

Readers, downstate •• Nectar Café & Juice Bar •• 111 Neils Alley, Lewes, 645-5842

Historic Dining

Editors, downstate •• The Brick Hotel, situated on The Circle in the county seat of Sussex, was known as The Union Hotel during the Civil War era. The landmark, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, has served as a courthouse, post office and bank. Now it’s a restaurant and tavern that offers a long lunch menu that includes oyster stew, a salad of fried green tomatoes topped with jumbo lump crab, goat cheese with a honey drizzle, and plenty of melts, burgers and sandwiches. Dinners range from crab cakes to surf and turf to Italian and seafood dishes. There’s a creative roster of specialty martinis along with a serviceable beer and wine list. Tea parties can be scheduled on Thursdays, adding to the whole historical vibe. •• 18 The Circle, Georgetown, 855-5800

Homemade Pasta

Editors, downstate •• The newest location of Grandpa (MAC), on Del. 1, houses a machine that generates lotsa pasta: 90 pounds per hour. If that isn’t enough to tax your noodle, owners Hari and Orion Cameron employ a second pasta machine dedicated to producing the gluten-free variety. The brothers use seven different flours in their custom blend to produce the following pastas: small and large elbow, shells, orecchiette, campanelle, short spaghetti and rigatoni. Once there are oodles of noodles, it’s up to the customer to add sauces, meats and cheeses, among other ingredients, or to dial up creatively named dishes like Visualize World Peas: orecchiette, basil pesto, peas, pine nuts, Parmesan and bread crumbs. •• 33 Baltimore Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 727-5509 •• 18756 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, 313-4751

Hot Dogs

Readers, downstate •• Taco Reho (truck at Big Chill Surf Cantina) •• 19406 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, 226-8226

Late-Night Menu

Readers, downstate (tie) •• FINS Fish House & Raw Bar •• 243 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 226-3467 •• 19269 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, 227-3467 •• Fork + Flask at Nage •• 19730 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, 226-2037

Lobster Rolls

Editors, downstate •• Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls was a hit right out of the chute. No wonder. Choose your favorite version: the Classic (mayonnaise dressing), lobster salad with chopped celery or warm lobster with butter. For the insatiable, try a whole lobster’s worth of warm meat—including the tail—on your roll of choice. •• 67 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 727-0411 •• Read more about Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls here.

Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls live up to their name as the editors’ choice for the best downstate.//Photo by Leslie

Lunch Spot

Readers, downstate •• Arena’s •• Arena’s at the Airport, 21553 Rudder Lane, Georgetown, 856-3297 •• Arena’s Café Lewes, 17314 N. Village Main Blvd., No. 53, Lewes, 644-0370 •• Arena’s Milford, 200 NE Front St., Milford, 422-3354 •• Arena’s Long Neck, 25938 Plaza Drive, No. 5, Millsboro, 947-4700 •• Arena’s Café, 20312 Highway One, Rehoboth Beach, 226-2233 •• Arena’s Deli & Bar, 149 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-1272

Editors, downstate •• The landmark Rusty Rudder offers the usual fare: tasty appetizers and various salads to sandwiches and seafood entrées—and just about everything in between. But it may be what doesn’t appear on the menu that makes this a great lunch locale: a refreshing dose of salt air from Rehoboth Bay. Enjoying sunsets over the water is awesome, but observing the comings and goings of boaters, sunbathers and other beach types—all while sipping a specialty drink—can be people-watching at its finest. •• 113 Dickinson St., Dewey Beach, 227-3888


Editors, downstate •• A $250,000 renovation made Cool Springs Fish Bar & Restaurant as fresh as the seafood it serves, but it’s the seafood—and owner-chef Dennis Forbes’ commitment to consistent high quality—that keeps diners going back year after year after year. The menu is stacked with classics such as stuffed flounder, crab imperial, local rockfish and amazing crab cakes, plus a few items for landlubbers. We have dreams about the oyster sashimi. •• 2463 S. State St., Dover, 698-1955


Editors, downstate •• Why are they so great at Qué Pasa? Because you drink them on the beach. •• 124 Dickinson St., Dewey Beach, 226-1680


Editors, downstate •• Owners of The Pig and Publican love to flex their mussels—all five varieties. And what more appropriate location than between the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal and Delaware Bay? These beautiful bivalves, served as appetizers, are dressed in a number of delicious concoctions, including with bratwurst, tomato, capers and Belgian ale; with merguez sausage and roasted peppers in saffron broth; and with Parmesan and leeks in a Chardonnay cream. All are slurped swimmingly with one of P&P’s Belgian craft brews. •• 516 E. Savannah Road, Lewes, 313-4487


Readers, downstate •• Arena’s •• Arena’s at the Airport, 21553 Rudder Lane, Georgetown, 856-3297 •• Arena’s Café Lewes, 17314 N. Village Main Blvd., No. 53, Lewes, 644-0370 •• Arena’s Milford, 200 NE Front St., Milford, 422-3354 •• Arena’s Long Neck, 25938 Plaza Drive, No. 5, Millsboro, 947-4700 •• Arena’s Café, 20312 Highway One, Rehoboth Beach, 226-2233 •• Arena’s Deli & Bar, 149 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-1272

Neighborhood Favorite

Editors, downstate •• Milford was ready for Kevin Reading and his Abbott’s Grill. The restaurant offers all things to all diners: a convivial bar, live music, outdoor dining, a comfortable, contemporary dining room and a menu that suits all tastes through influences from around the world. Hungry? Try the pork schnitzel with braised red cabbage and spaetzle. •• 249 NE Front St., Milford, 491-673 •• 300 Delaware Ave., Laurel, 280-6172

New Restaurant

Readers, downstate •• Lefty’s Alley & Eats •• 36450 Plaza Drive, Lewes, 864-6000

Outdoor Dining

Readers, downstate •• Paradise Grill •• 27344 Bay Road, Long Neck, 945-4500


Readers, downstate (tie) •• Grotto Pizza •• 98 Garfield Pkwy., Bethany Beach, 539-3398 •• 793 Garfield Pkwy., Bldg. C, Bethany Beach, 537-3278 •• Read Street at Coastal Highway, Dewey Beach, 227-3407 •• 1159 N. Dupont Hwy., Dover, 678-3278 •• Grand Slam, 17467 Shady Road, Lewes, 645-4900 •• 102 Silicato Way, Milford, 725-5111 •• 26090 Shoppes at Long Neck, Millsboro, 945-6000 •• 15 Boardwalk at Baltimore Avenue, Rehoboth Beach, 227-4588 •• 36 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-3278 •• 17 Surf Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-3601 •• 22925 Sussex Hwy., Seaford, 628-2800 •• 8-10 York Beach Mall, Coastal Highway, South Bethany Beach, 537-6600 •• Louie’s Pizza •• 11 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-6002

Restaurant in Delaware

Readers •• Bethany Blues BBQ •• 6 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Bethany Beach, 537-1500 •• 18385 Coastal Hwy., Lewes, 644-2500



Readers, downstate •• Bethany Blues BBQ •• 6 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Bethany Beach, 537-1500 •• 18385 Coastal Hwy., Lewes, 644-2500

Romantic Atmosphere

Readers, downstate •• Eden Restaurant •• 23 Baltimore Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-3330


Readers, downstate •• Nectar Café & Juice Bar •• 111 Neils Alley, Lewes, 645-5842


Readers, downstate •• Arena’s •• Arena’s at the Airport, 21553 Rudder Lane, Georgetown, 856-3297 •• Arena’s Café Lewes, 17314 N. Village Main Blvd., No. 53, Lewes, 644-0370 •• Arena’s Milford, 200 NE Front St., Milford, 422-3354 •• Arena’s Long Neck, 25938 Plaza Drive, No. 5, Millsboro, 947-4700 •• Arena’s Café, 20312 Highway One, Rehoboth Beach, 226-2233 •• Arena’s Deli & Bar, 149 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-1272


Readers, downstate •• FINS Fish House & Raw Bar •• 243 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 226-3467 •• 19269 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, 227-3467

Secret Spot

Editors, downstate •• You’ll wander through the shanties of the Village of Fenwick before finding The Flying Fish Café & Sushi Bar. When you do, prepare for amazing yet unheralded sushi. Be sure to make a reservation beforehand—“intimate” barely describes the place. True aficionados of sushi visit for the freshest of fish, the variety and unique rolls, such as silky scallop with a yuzu-citrus mayo and avocado all topped with diced scallion and jumbo lumps of crab. •• 300 Coastal Hwy., No. 7, Fenwick Island, 581-0217


Readers, downstate •• Bluecoast Seafood Grill + Raw Bar •• 1111 Coastal Hwy., Bethany Beach, 539-7111

Small Plates

Editors, downstate •• Heirloom •• 212 Savannah Road, Lewes, 313-4065

Soul Food

Editors, downstate •• Chef Lincoln Notice of Karibbean Grill BBQ marinates his jerk chicken and pork chops for two days before he adds his secret blend of seasonings. He then grills the meat to perfection, basting it with a 20-ingredient homemade jerk sauce. Born in Jamaica and raised in Brooklyn, Notice learned to cook at a young age—and he’s only getting better. He’s also known for authentic stewed oxtail—which simmers in carrots, butter beans, green peppers and other aromatic vegetables. There’s no denying, Notice’s Jamaican specialties, along with his ribs and chicken, are prepared with the perfect amounts of herbs, spices and soul. •• 3114 S. Dupont Blvd., Smyrna, 423-0839

Sports Bar

Readers, downstate •• Nicola Pizza •• 8 N. First St., Rehoboth Beach, 227-6211 •• 71 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-6211


Readers, downstate •• 1776 Steakhouse •• 18585 Coastal Hwy., Suite 6, Rehoboth Beach, 645-9355

Steaks and More

Editors, downstate •• The title of the steak section of the menu at Bonz Restaurant & Lounge pays homage to the accompanying casino—Raising the Steaks—and that’s where you’ll hit the real jackpot, whether it’s an 8-ounce filet mignon, a juicy New York strip or the granddaddy of them all: the 26-ounce, bone-in, center-cut rib eye. Enjoy your meal in the upscale dining room or on the shaded patio, where you’ll find live entertainment on Country Fridays, featuring local faves such as the Mason Dixon Band, and Dance Party Saturdays with popular bands like Mike Hines and the Look. •• 18500 S. Dupont Hwy., Harrington, 887-5687

Sunday Brunch

Readers, downstate •• FINS Fish House & Raw Bar •• 243 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 226-3467 •• 19269 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, 227-3467

Surf and Turf

Editors, downstate •• The surf and turf at Michele’s is an indisputable classic. A 7-ounce broiled lobster tail and 6-ounce prime filet of beef share the spotlight at this icon. For creative types, seafood dishes can be mixed and matched with entrées such as New York strip or Black Angus rib eye. Choices include jumbo lump crab, scallops, shrimp, stuffed lobster tails and our favorite—crab cakes. •• Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, 1131 N. Dupont Hwy., Dover, 857-2120

The classic surf and turf dishes at Michele’s in Dover Downs Hotel & Casino were recognized by the editors as
downstate’s best.//Photo by Leslie Barbaro


Readers, downstate •• Stingray Sushi Bar + Asian Latino Grill •• 59 Lake Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-6476


Editors, downstate •• While locals still rule—at least during the ever-shortening shoulder season—Irish Eyes Restaurant & Pub is a standout spot for regulars and visitors alike to enjoy happy hour specials, grab a snack or a meal, and catch some of the best bands around. The beer list boasts plenty of domestic and imported brews, a good number of craft beers, local offerings from Dogfish Head, 16 Mile and Mispillion River Brewing, and a decent mix of brands on tap. Whether it’s the Lewes or Milton location, Irish Eyes has folks smiling. •• 213 Anglers Road, Lewes, 645-6888 •• 105 Union St., Milton, 684-8889

Traditional Pizza

Readers, downstate •• Louie’s Pizza •• 11 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-6002

Vegan Dishes

Readers, downstate (tie) •• Grandpa (MAC) •• 33 Baltimore Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 727-5509 •• 18756 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, 313-4751 •• Twist Juice Bar •• Wilmington Avenue and First Street, Rehoboth Beach, 212-2605

View of the Links

Editors, downstate •• For a tranquil dining experience, look no farther than Passwaters Restaurant, which overlooks the 18th green of Heritage Shores’ lush golf course. The restaurant’s menu of locally sourced dishes is switched up each season to feature super-fresh ingredients. Options we’re eyeing this summer include the signature cream of crab bisque, beer-battered asparagus and mahi tacos. •• 1 Heritage Shores Circle, Bridgeville, 337-9927

Water-View Dining

Readers, downstate •• Paradise Grill •• 27344 Bay Road, Long Neck, 945-4500

Wine List

Readers, downstate (tie) •• Eden •• 23 Baltimore Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-3330 •• Fork + Flask at Nage •• 19730 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, 226-2037


Editors, downstate •• We love that you can pick sauces and coatings that range from Buffalo sauce to Old Bay for your wings at Hammerheads Dockside. What we love even more? You eat them on the beach. Looking at boats docked at the marina. Maybe while the sun is setting. •• 39415 Inlet Road, Rehoboth Beach, 752-8010

Ethnic Favorites


Readers, downstate (tie) •• The Café on 26 •• 84 Atlantic Ave., Ocean View, 539-2233 •• Forgotten Mile Ale House •• 20859 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, 212-2151 •• Shorebreak Lodge •• 10 Wilmington Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-1007


Readers, downstate •• Confucius •• 57 Wilmington Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-3848


Readers, downstate •• La Fable •• 26 Baltimore Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-8510


Readers, downstate •• Flavor of India •• 348 N. Dupont Hwy., Dover, 677-0121


Readers, downstate •• Touch of Italy •• 101 Second St., Lewes, 827-2730 •• 19724 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, 227-3900


Readers, downstate •• The Cultured Pearl •• 301 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-8493


Readers, downstate •• Semra’s Mediterranean Grill •• 19 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 226-4976


Readers, downstate •• Agave Mexican Restaurant •• 137 Second St., Lewes, 645-1232

Modern Italian

Editors, downstate •• Call the food at DiFebo’s Restaurant “Modern Family.” That means the DiFebo clan’s favorite recipes are shared with love—and that traditional veal meatballs and wedding soup keep company with fried pizza and flash-fried Brussels sprouts with smoky pancetta. Braised rabbit—all too rare on local menus—is served with rich ricotta gnocchi. •• 789 Garfield Pkwy., Bethany Beach, 539-4550 •• 12 N. First St., Rehoboth Beach, 226-4550


Readers, downstate •• Lily Thai Cuisine •• 10 First St., Rehoboth Beach, 227-3348

Best Restaurant in Town

Bethany Beach

Readers •• Bluecoast Seafood Grill + Raw Bar •• 1111 Coastal Hwy., Bethany Beach, 539-7111

Dewey Beach

Readers •• Woody’s Dewey Beach Bar & Grill •• 1904 Coastal Hwy., Dewey Beach, 260-9945


Readers (tie) •• 33 West Ale House & Grill •• 33 W. Loockerman St., Dover, 735-9822 •• Restaurant 55, 2461 S. State St., Dover, 535-8102

Fenwick Island

Readers •• Catch 54 •• 38931 Madison Ave., Selbyville, 436-8600


Readers •• The Brick Hotel •• 18 The Circle, Georgetown, 855-5800​​


Readers •• Bethany Blues BBQ •• 18385 Coastal Hwy., Lewes, 644-2500


Readers •• Abbott’s Grill •• 249 NE Front St., Milford, 491-6736



Readers •• Po’ Boys Creole & Fresh Catch •• 900 Palmer St., Milton, 684-0890

Rehoboth Beach

Readers •• FINS Fish House & Raw Bar •• 243 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 226-3467; 19269 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, 227-3467


Readers •• Bon Appetit •• 312 High St., Seaford, 629-3700


Readers •• Brick Works Brewing and Eats •• 230 S. Dupont Blvd., Smyrna, 508-2523

Over the State Line

Readers •• Chesapeake Inn •• 605 Second St., Chesapeake City, (410) 885-2040

Retail Food & Drink; Food to Go


Editors, downstate •• Locals love Surf Bagel & Deli’s New York-style bagels, which are flavored with everything from sesame seeds, sun-dried tomato and cinnamon raisin to chocolate chip, jalapeño and spinach. As if that’s not enough, you can construct a variety of hole-y sandwiches—including pulled pork, marinated grilled flank steak, hummus, and egg, shrimp and chicken salads—on your favorite bagel. Sandwiches come with homemade chips and a pickle. •• 17382 Coastal Hwy., Lewes, 644-182 •• 18675 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, 644-4822


Readers, downstate •• The Point Coffee House and Bake Shoppe •• 37140 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 260-9734


Readers, downstate •• Hickman’s Meat Market •• 19730 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, 226-8345


Readers, downstate •• Candy Kitchen •• Coastal Highway and Westway Drive, Bethany Beach, 537-7655 •• 100 Garfield Pkwy., Bethany Beach, 537-1733 •• 123 Garfield Pkwy., Bethany Beach, 539-8525 •• 37075 Coastal Hwy., Fenwick Island, 539-6805 •• 1 S. Boardwalk, Rehoboth Beach, 227-9200 •• 18627 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, 645-4769 •• 102 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-7195


Readers, downstate •• Georgia House •• 22426 Sussex Pines Road, Georgetown, 856-8263 •• 18 S. Walnut St, Milford, 422-6763 •• 119 Main St., Millsboro, 934-6737 •• 2 Church St., Selbyville, 436-6474


Readers, downstate •• Pete’s Steak Shop •• 19287 Miller Road, Unit 1A, Rehoboth Beach, 226-3000

Distillery/Craft Spirits

Readers, downstate •• Dogfish Head Distilling Co. •• 6 Cannery Village Center, Milton, 684-1000

Editors, downstate •• Anyone with a memory enough to remember the long-gone Candy Manor store wins our admiration. To name their craft gin after it is genius. That kind of creativity defines the spirits from Painted Stave Distilling. It’s been around long enough to offer barrel-aged rye and bourbon. We enjoy the smoky coffee tones of Time Warp vodka, but the one that gets us is Off the Hoof scrapple vodka. Who’da thunk it? •• 106 W. Commerce St., Smyrna, 653-6834

Food Truck

Readers, downstate •• Taco Reho, at Big Chill Surf Cantina •• 19406 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, 226-8226


Readers, downstate •• Fork + Flask at Nage •• 19730 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, 226-2037

Health Food/Organic Food

Readers, downstate •• Good News Natural Foods •• 739 S. Governors Ave., Dover, 730-1910 •• 1 N. Walnut St., Milford, 424-2393 •• 37 Wilmington Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-3177

Ice Cream

Readers, downstate •• Hopkins Farm Creamery •• 18186 Dairy Farm Road, Lewes, 645-7163 •• Read more about Hopkins Farm Creamery here.

Neighborhood Market

Editors, downstate •• Every Rehoboth-Henlopen Acres local knows: You don’t shop for groceries during weekends in the summer. When you’re stuck without that one must-have, walk to Lingo’s Market. It stocks everything you could need, and should you find yourself in need of a baguette and some cheese, Lingo’s has you covered. •• 149 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-7072

Seafood Market

Readers, downstate •• Big Fish Grill Seafood Market •• 20312 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, 227-3665


Readers, downstate •• Casapulla’s Subs •• 19331 Lighthouse Plaza Blvd., Unit 1, Rehoboth Beach, 227-7827

Wine Store

Readers, downstate •• Outlet Liquors •• 19724 Coastal Hwy., Unit 1, Rehoboth Beach, 227-7700