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Did you know that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is the most common neurodevelopmental disorder in children affecting 11 percent of all the children in the U.S., and that boys are twice as likely to be diagnosed?

ADHD is a chronic brain-based disorder beginning in childhood. For students diagnosed with ADHD, school presents a unique set of challenges. Symptoms of this disorder include an inability to focus and concentrate, hyperactivity and even impulsivity. ADHD can transform the classroom into a place where students feel lost, uncomfortable and lacking in confidence. Parents of students with ADHD will notice their child struggles with organizing and managing their assignments and time, along with an overall lack of motivation.



For this reason, many parents of students with ADHD turn to tutors who have experience working with ADHD to help combat these challenges and get their child back on track in school. Huntington Learning Center’s ADHD support program is an individualized learning program that has helped students across the country gain critical skills for school including time management, setting goals, organization and improving focus. Huntington’s ADHD tutoring has helped students kindergarten through 12th grade, excel.

An effective ADHD program should be taught by trained tutors who incorporate comprehensive, evidence-based strategies into instruction when working with students with ADHD.



These five components should be part of the tutor’s teaching approach with an ADHD student:

  • Individualized Instruction and One-On-One Attention: This targeted approach directly combats the student’s inability to stay focused. It gives the student the immediate feedback and guidance they need to grow.
  • Customized Learning Programs: Tailor the tutoring program so it is structured around the student’s specific learning style, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Breakdown Complex Skills: Remove stress from learning complex subjects by breaking a skill or topic into smaller, more approachable pieces.
  • Organization and Time Management Skills: For a child to perform well on homework assignments, quizzes and tests, they must first understand how to properly manage their time and organize work.
  • Test-Taking Skills: Students must learn various evidence-based skills for how to best study for and take tests, like effective note-taking or studying to build long-term understanding.

Huntington Learning Center in Newark’s ADHD Support Program is a non-prescription, evidence-based approach to help ADHD students manage their symptoms while rebuilding academic skills and learning organization and executive functioning strategies.
Call (302) 737-1150 to learn how we can help your child become successful in school and life. 
Learn more at huntingtonhelps.com/adhd-tutoring.
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