Christiana Mall: Wall-to-Wall Lux

You can’t image how thrilled this Glam Gal is to see all the changes going on over at the Christiana Mall.

Having watched it go from fab to drab over the past 20 years, it is once again getting a giant face lift and is looking gooooood!

Recently, I trotted into the new Michael Kors store. Oh my goodness—talk about temptation—I was just lovin’ everything!

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First, I was warmly greeted by Cammay Gray, the model-thin sales associate, who was dressed head-to-toe MK and looking like she just stepped off the runway. Now I don’t say this lightly because, when was the last time you had someone help you at a mall that looked this good?

It is a pleasure to see women dressing professionally at work and taking their job seriously. (By the way, I have been in several times and she ALWAYS looks this good!)

The store is very clean and highly edited so your choices are limited, but the items that are there are gorgeous! Cammay said that many have felt intimidated by its NYC slick feel, but really the prices of most items are lux but not outrageous.

MK is best-known for its handbags. The merchandise is fashionable without being too trendy and is of excellent quality. Dresses and sweaters were high styled with details you won’t see at the major department stores.

The shoes are groovy, too. I happened to need a pair of comfortable black flats and ended up with a gorgeous pair of black suede loafers. (And I was thinking that all they had were high heels…which they do have and you should see them!)

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So if you want a NYC lux experience you should stop in and do a quick browse.


Michael Kors Boutique
Christiana Mall

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