CNN reporting Ted Danson Alive and Well

   The 24-hour cable news network CNN is reporting in Breaking News that actor Ted Danson is alive and well. CNN also reports that there had been no reports of any illness, accident, or tragedy occurring related in any way to the beloved former star of the popular TV series Cheers.

   A producer for CNN stated that as far as he knew, Danson is going about his normal, daily routine of “living and getting things done.” The producer added that “at this time, there are also no reports of any new movie deals, new TV series or anything related to Mr. Danson’s private life.” The story is expected to be covered extensively all this week in The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.

   While Danson has been the subject of occasional controversy over the years, CNN states that “nothing of the sort has surfaced so far.” Friends and associates who have been contacted amid persistent reports of Danson’s good health expressed general satisfaction to hear the news. “Ted has been doing what he always has, and probably will continue to do so for a long time to come,” said one claiming to be a close friend.

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   “He’s a good man who’s never made any trouble,” said another individual, believed to be Mr. Danson’s dry cleaner.

   Cheers ran from 1982 to 1993 and has been listed by Time Magazine as among the 100 Greatest Shows of All Time. Danson also starred in the movies Three Men and a Baby and Saving Private Ryan. He is also reported to be a vegan who does eat fish.

   The CNN said in its report that a scheduled appearance by Mr. Danson on Larry King Live that has been scheduled for “several months” will be aired as planned. A special segment on Anderson Cooper’s AC 360, “Ted Danson: 1947 -?” will be aired Friday evening at 10:00 p.m. (EDT). And a special edition of the Sunday panel Reliable Sources will feature a roundtable composed of celebrities and well-known personalities providing their take on the continued life of the celebrated star.

   A spokesman for Danson’s management company said the actor “has always enjoyed feeling good and considers that a key to living a good life. It’s something Mr. Danson has always felt strongly about,” the company stated in a press release in response to repeated media inquiries.

A gaggle of satellite trucks and reporters from global media outlets have staked out the Danson residence in hopes of catching a glimpse of the actor walking normally or stooping to pick up the morning paper. It is believed that Danson enjoys an occasional walk in the evening and CNN has assured viewers that if that were to take place, the network would immediately switch to live coverage.

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Repeated calls to the Danson home were answered by a woman who said she thought “Ted might be about buying a quart of milk.”

The network promised to continue live updates throughout the day “whether or not anything has changed.”

In an unrelated story, the victim toll in the recent Tasmanian mudslide remains unconfirmed, as CNN admits its resources have been stretched thin in covering the continuously breaking Ted Danson story.

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