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Flying in Style


Whenever I travel, particularly on a plane, I always enjoy watching people and, specifically, what are they wearing. When planning a travel outfit, you have to prepare for everything from climate change to comfort to possible loss of luggage. God forbid the airline loses your luggage and you’re stuck in the clothes on your back for a few days!

Last week, in transit to L.A., I spotted a well-dressed woman who stood out in a sea of hurried travelers. She was looking very chic and classy in a linen suite of all things! Oh my—who would wear a linen suite to travel in? Everyone knows linen wrinkles. This woman, however, was so pulled together, that the little wrinkle here and there was nothing to the sloppy looking tourists who surrounded her. I stopped her for a quick chat.

It turns out, of all things, she is a Delawarean named Stacey Inglis.

So I asked Stacey a few questions:

JJ: Stacey, do you always dress this nice?

Stacey: Yes, I have always had a love of fashion and I enjoy dressing up.

JJ: Most women I talk to are afraid of wearing linen. You are a great example of how to make it work.

Stacey: Linen is so comfortable and breathes. I’ve had this jacket for a few years and it has been one of my favorites.

JJ: Do you feel like you are a rarity in Delaware?

(LOL.) Well I do feel that Delaware is very conservative and a lot of women don’t put a lot of effort to look fashion forward.

JJ: Where do you shop?

Stacey: Well, everything I have on is local from Delaware. The jacket, skirt and shoes are from Macy’s and my blouse is from Express. (FYI: The necklace she picked up on a recent trip to L.A.)

JJ: Would you mind sharing with us one of your style secrets?

Stacey: “You know, I find that it is just as easy to put something like this on than a pair of jeans, and I’m actually more comfortable. Best of all, if you buy classic things, you don’t have to spend a lot on clothes to look nice.”

So there you have it—a local woman looking fantastic on the go! Maybe next time I hop a plane to L.A., I’ll wear a great linen jacket. You never know who you’ll meet in the airport!


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