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It’s More Than Just a Wrapper!


This blog post will cover installation of the exterior siding on the EverLife Design home.


Every siding project starts at a beginning point. We installed a watertable at the base of the home, which acted as the starting point for building up the siding. We used Azek materials for our exterior trim. Azek is a composite material made, in part, of PVC. While PVC is known to be processed in a decidedly unfriendly manner for the environment, it also will not rot, decay or require maintenance. Like many choices that must be made regarding materials and the impact it has on the environment, sometimes one aspect outweighs others in terms of sustainability. We chose Azek for its low maintenance and durability properties.



Before installing the siding materials, 30 pound felt paper is applied as an extra precaution to create an air space and drainage plane. Although the Zip Wall Sheathing system includes a waterproof membrane impregnated on the sheathing, this extra step for the home will ensure if water gets behind the siding, it will not damage the interior of the home.


We chose Hardiplank for our exterior siding material. Hardiplank is a fiber cement siding made of wood pulp, cement, sand and water. Hardiplank is known for its low toxicity and durability. The siding comes in colors that make painting unnecessary, another plus on low maintenance and sustainability.



Jason Curry and Larry Little, both of Curry Custom Framing, install the last piece of siding in the porch area under the bamboo ceiling.


Finished front exterior of EverLife Design home.


Finished rear exterior of EverLife Design home.

All of our siding material was purchased from J&L Building Supply. Call John Rash for any help you need with your next building project at 504-0350.


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