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Letter From the Editor-in-Chief of Delaware Today Magazine: Writing about Top Doctors, Medical Society of Delaware and Mark Nardone


The Doctors

Surgeons You Can Trust

We receive numerous calls about the Top Doctors issue throughout the year—many come from doctors or their office staffs, and several come from readers. Those who call before we publish the article tend to ask how we choose the doctors and why we include or exclude certain specialties. Those who call after tend to be readers who are disappointed that their favorite doctors didn’t make the cut. All these calls are warranted and welcomed. So let me try to explain the process.

Delaware Today does not choose the doctors: The doctors do. Think of us as the reliable administrative arm of the process. We obtain a mailing list from the Medical Society of Delaware. We create a ballot, which includes specialties garnered from our own research as well as recommendations from hospital officials statewide. We mail that ballot to every doctor registered with the society. The only doctors who are not mailed ballots are those not registered with the society. The doctors vote for their colleagues, sign the ballot, and then mail it back to us. (We do not accept ballots from any office personnel other than doctors, nor do we accept Xeroxed ballots.) We tabulate and publish the results.

The edit team chooses the subject matter, of course. This year’s piece on surgeons offers a solid list of top surgeons, as well as Mark Nardone’s thoughtful articles about relevant surgical issues. It’s important to note that the Top Doctors feature is a service for our readers. But we welcome feedback from everyone, which includes readers and medical professionals.

Each doctor listed in this feature was a top “vote-getter,” if you will, in his or her field. The doctors who are highlighted received the most nods from colleagues. Does this mean that many reputable doctors in Delaware didn’t make the list? Unfortunately, yes. And our list in no way diminishes the skills of many excellent surgeons in Delaware. I hope the feature offers information you find helpful. If not, please let us know. All the best.


Team Notes

Louise Bolin, Drew Ostroski, Kelly Carter, Jared Castaldi, Katie McCabe and Mark NardoneLouise I may look sweet, but I definitely love my horror. So, as Miss Zombie A Go-Go 2010 and an artist, I was very excited when a dear friend of mine, Kristen Margiotta, told me about DEAD (Dark Eerie Artists of Delaweird). Kristen and three local DEAD artists are starting a movement, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. They are hosting the ‘The Coffin Ball, Art Show and Masquerade’. So feed into your dark side a little and come join me!

Drew I’ve interviewed some pretty cool folks during the past 20-some years. There was the late Dale Earnhardt, Merle Haggard and more than one Delaware governor. But interviewing Miles the Monster for last month’s Thirty Seconds article ranks right up there. Special thanks to Dover International Speedway’s Gary Camp for making it happen.

Kelly About six months ago I was thinking that I hadn’t done any painting in several years. I decided that I needed to set a creative goal, so I signed up to show some work at Fresh Thymes Café for October’s Art on the Town. Yes, these are pieces that did not exist at the time. I’ve been furiously painting. Luckily, the venue is small.

Jared I’m a beer guy. So when I was asked to shoot the owners of Iron Hill Brewery, I was pretty stoked. Gotta love the Ironbound Ale!

Katie If I were in charge of the world, it would be October all year long. One great thing about working on the magazine two months ahead, is the chance to write about hayrides, harvest festivals and Halloween during the horrible summer heat waves. That was especially true this year. Bring on the cool days!

Mark I was pleased to attend the Delaware Center for Horticulture’s opening of the new stormwater management system at the Acme in Trolley Square. It was a great example of public-private cooperation, as well as the sort of beautification that makes our cities greener while providing an important function. Thanks to Wendy Scott for the invitation.