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Seven Ways to Change Your Workout Routine


Don’t let the final days of summer just slip by. There are several ways to take advantage of the beautiful weather!

After doing the same thing in the gym day after day, not only is it easy to get bored and complacent, but your body will adapt to what you are doing and hit a plateau! Mixing things up and throwing in different types of activity will help keep your body and muscles confused and break through plateaus!

Check out my newest blog post at www.LisaReale.com for seven ways to change up your workout routine and get a fresh change of scenery!

Another way to take advantage of summer is by doing something for YOU. Treat yourself to personal training and receive nutritional information and personalized training sessions geared specifically toward you and your goals. Build confidence, feel great and achieve your fitness goals!

Stay healthy and happy and enjoy the rest of the summer!

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