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Lots of people can rattle off a vision statement. A mission statement is nice too, but without purpose, it’s a bunch of words. You can’t fake sincerity and expect people to believe in you. If you say you’re going to do something, then do it.

I like to think that most people are sincere, so I’m disappointed with big talk and no substance. We complain a lot, too, yet we have so much to celebrate. When I catch myself sweating the petty stuff, I think about the big problems, like the ones still occurring in Northern Japan. Sure, I get tired. But our soldiers overseas don’t get a whole lot of sleep either, and they’re fighting for people they’ll never meet. Come to think of it, I have no right to complain about anything. Life is just too short.

Nick DiUlioNick DiUlio’s story, “Hands Across the Water,” is what got me thinking about all this. The piece discusses a fledgling relationship between Americans and Pakistanis—people who, for perfectly sound reasons, don’t understand each other. This vibrant story is about a group of people who own their mission to “advance world understanding, goodwill and peace.” They’re doing what they said they’d do.

Nick’s piece is just one of several interesting reads this month. I hope you’ll agree. If not, tell us. Share your opinions about the magazine. We all love praise, of course, but we learn more from constructive criticism. If you’d like to write a letter for publication, do so, either by sending me an email at mhess@delawaretoday.com, or a letter by regular mail.

Enjoy the issue.


Team Notes

Clockwise from left: Louise Bolin, Jared Castaldi, Katie McCabe, Matt Amis, Drew Ostroski, Mark Nardone and Kelly Carter. Photograph by Jared CastaldiJared I had a great time shooting all of our singles for this issue. What a damn fine good looking group we have this year!

Kelly Like Jared, I had fun with our singles. They all had great personalities and I laughed a lot. Plus, they were all so very patient during their hair and makeup sessions. And to all the stylists and venues – thanks!

Louise I spent a wonderful evening listening to Hollis Thomases, author of “Twitter Marketing—An Hour a Day,” speak about the ‘7 Deadly Sins of Social Media’. I learned a lot and am very excited to read my signed copy of “Twitter Marketing.” (#TMHAD)

Drew It was fun to get to visit with our freelance writers and photographers at a recent gathering at Iron Hill. It was especially cool to reunite with an old friend known as Pig Iron Porter.

Katie It was great to put faces to names at the aforementioned freelancer gathering, and in one case to put a name to a face—that’s you Chris Permar! Looking forward to future get-togethers.

Mark It was nice to get a sneak peek of the almost-completed Queen Theatre with developer Hal Real of World Café Live. There are some neat, decayed, but still beautiful murals that will surprise visitors. It’s a fabulous place.

Matt It’s not every day you get to hang with an Oscar winner. For one afternoon at Concord High School (my alma mater), state dignitaries, press, staff, alumni and a couple hundred students packed the auditorium to honor C-High’s own Luke Matheny. “God of Love” brought the house down. Go Raiders.


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