What’s in a Name?


There is no business like small business. Just ask any entrepreneur. The lows can be tough, but the highs are unbeatable.
A few years ago, we were visiting our favorite vacation spot in the Bahamas, and on our first night at the resort, we happened to be sitting next to an older gentleman dining alone. We were introduced through our waitress, who said in her sweet Bahamian accent, “You two look familiar.” Tony and I laughed, “Yeah, we are back. We never go anywhere twice, but, we really like it here.”
The waitress smiled broadly and replied, “Mr. Wright would like to hear that.” She nodded her head to the gentleman next to us. Mr. Wright, we came to find out, happened to own the resort. We had a lively dinner conversation, as he told us about how he dropped out of school in the 9th grade to sell fishhooks for 5 cents. He now owns the largest sport fishing operation in North America, and has the beautiful, quaint resort in the Bahamas as his “Robinson Caruso” adventure.
We came to know Mr. Wright a bit during our stay. It happens that we were down there during Super Bowl weekend, and he was kind enough to offer to let us watch the game with him in his condo unit at the resort. Nothing like a giant flat-screen TV with the Super Bowl on, donning shorts and a T-shirt in February with the sound of the waves crashing on the pristine beach about 150 yards away.
The words of advice Mr. Wright gave us that we often remind ourselves of during our experiences as entrepreneurs are, “When you think you’ve gone through hell, just keep going!” Our recent challenge was a trademark dispute over the name “Infusion Design.” Evidently, a large outfit from the UK does lighting and has a pending application for a trademark with the same name for high-end lighting packages for luxury homes. They thought our uses were too close in nature, even though they do not in fact have a registered mark.
We thought about it and decided to come up with a new name rather than fight it. I have a feeling our little venture cannot afford the legal counsel fees associated with defending a trademark claim against us by the UK company.
We struggled for weeks over a new name. What would best describe this concept —bringing together green, sustainability, and durability with accessibility and ease of use? It took awhile. Keeping our friend Mr. Wright’s words in mind, we charged ahead and my mother actually came up with new name we liked: EverLife Design.
The registration for the trademark is moving along smoothly and we should have it wrapped up by the time the prototype home is complete in March. We think EverLife Design matches the concept beautifully, conveying the message of perpetual design, both in design and function. 
So Infusion Design is now EverLife Design. What do you think? We’d love to hear from you.
NOTE: Ready to see the home in person? We are preparing to schedule open houses in mid-February, however, we are asking readers who have mobility issues to come by appointment anytime for more individualized attention—we’d love to hear your thoughts and input on the home as it is currently laid out and framed. The house is still not heated (so wear your wool), but it is under roof and dry. Call for an appointment today: (302) 528-3398.


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