White House: “Hollywood is Calling!”

In the aftermath of President Barack Obama’s impressive “stand-up” routine at the recent Correspondents’ Dinner, the White House is reportedly fielding “numerous feelers from the Hollywood set,” concerning the President’s availability for a variety of entertainment “vehicles.”

“The president ‘killed’ at the dinner,” said a White House source, who spoke only on condition of getting an audition for any of the projects said to already be “in development.” “We’ve had literally hundreds of calls from talent agencies around the country.”

The official White House response to all inquiries, according to the source, has been that “the president already has a day job that he enjoys very much.”

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But the offers continue, and the source says they are quite serious.

“Dick Wolf offered the president a starring role in yet another ‘Law and Order’ spin-off,” the source stated. “The president would play an FBI agent who investigates suspects and then charges them with crimes, but would not prosecute any of them. The half-hour series is tentatively titled: ‘Law and Order: CIA.’ ”

The source went on to report that Larry David has proposed a sitcom series with the president playing himself, who after leaving office pursues a career as a stand-up comedian.

“In the proposed series ‘Obama,’ the president is joined by an ensemble cast that includes Hillary Clinton as an ex-girlfriend, Timothy Geithner as a hard-luck buddy who can’t hold a job and Joe Biden as a fractious neighbor always getting Barack in trouble by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time,” the source reported. “There’s also an embittered postal employee living in the same apartment building with Barack, a role rumored to have been offered to former vice-president Dick Cheney.”

In an unrelated item, David is reportedly also in discussions with former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan for a new cable spin-off, “Curb Your Irrational Exuberance.”

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The source said that a two-week slot is being held open indefinitely for the president to perform as a ventriloquist at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

“Caesar’s sent us a working ventriloquist dummy that is a drop-dead ringer for Joe Biden,” reported the source.

“Believe it or not, of all the offers received, President Obama is actually considering this one,” the source said. “Taking two weeks off from the White House duties is definitely doable compared to the time off the previous occupant took, the president has noted.

“Plus, Barack is very intrigued by the prospect of having a Joe Biden say exactly what Barack wants him to say and nothing more, even if this Joe happens only to be made out of wood.”

In a related story, Vice President Biden’s office has announced that talks with Wanda Sykes to become a communications assistant for the vice president have broken off suddenly, no further information being available on that development at this time. It is also unclear who exactly stepped in to break off those discussions, but it was believed not to be the vice president who thought Sykes a perfect fit for his message.

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