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Buddy West

  • Hope Springs Eternal

     This is the start of spring. It is about time. I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of the cold, wet, snowy winter we have been […]
  • Show Me A Sign

    Less than 30 days and we will be into spring. Can you believe it? As I am writing this snow is falling and expected to pile eight more inches onto […]
  • Take the Plunge—It’s a Good Thing

    Wow, this past weekend my thoughts were all about taking the plunge. For months I have been talking about it. People all over the state have been talking about it. […]
  • From Prestidigitator to Prognosticating

    2011 is underway and it’s hard to tell which road will be taken. I am hoping that it is the road less traveled—the one to the settlement table. It’s time […]
  • Auld Lang Syne

      Whew! Christmas has passed and we are embarking on the last holiday of the year” New Year’s Eve. Take a moment to consider the dichotomy of the two holidays—so […]
  • Time, Tide and Real Estate Wait for None

      Much can be learned from history if you just stop to think during these fast-paced times. We suffer from information overload, job fatigue and economic disasters. History tells us […]
  • A Tale of Two Cities: Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel?

      Last week, I spent the Thanksgiving weekend with very dear friends in Wilmington, North Carolina. The Allisons lived in Wilmington, Delaware, until a few years ago, when they chose […]
  • Not Talkin' Turkey

    The holiday season is upon us. The evidence is everywhere. First, my newspaper is much heavier. Holiday decorations are sprouting up like bulbs in spring. Window trimmings in department stores […]
  • News From Atop the Hill: NAR and FAR

    Wow. The election is over, and none too soon for me—though I will miss some of the more colorful commercials. Some of the candidates seemed to appear out of Hollywood’s […]
  • You Gotta Wonder—Who Owns My House?

    It’s a new week and a new housing crisis. Home sales are down and foreclosures and short sales are soaring. Housing starts are beginning to inch up but banks are […]

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