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Carrie Townsend

  • To the Point

    Acupuncture has become an acceptable treatment for various ailments. New licensing requirements in Delaware mean you can now expect the very best care.
  • The Big Screen

    Could a new test for colon cancer reduce fatalities? The discussion is politically charged, but a local health insurer sees the possibility of great benefits for patients.
  • Never Stop

    Becky Yencharis keeps on truckin’.
  • A New Wave

  • Back to Nature–Again

    An osprey flies off with dinner. Looking for ecotourism? Kent County is your place. From world-class birding to biking and beyond, there’s something for everyone, locals and visitors alike. Despite an abundance of natural resources, ecotourism—a booming industry regionally, nationally and globally—has not come naturally to Kent County. “Even though ecotourism is nothing new and […]
  • Historic Facelift

    The two-year project to restore the Old State House stayed true to the building’s original appearance, save some modern amenities. Delaware’s Old State House, the grand dame of Dover’s historic Green, got a little work done over the past two years. More than a nip and tuck, the restoration was a major undertaking both inside […]
  • The Overview

    Justin Hoffman has witnessed Kent’s metamorphosis from the sky. Amelia Earhart once said, “You haven’t seen a tree until you’ve seen its shadow from the sky.” Crop duster Justin Hoffman has seen a lot of Delaware trees since moving here from West Virginia 10 years ago. He is awed by the beauty of Kent’s natural […]
  • The Profile: Lost in Translation?

    Yelena Kretova of Russia (left) and Ciprian Gherghescu of Romania were drawn to the United State by the promise of the American dream.Photographs by Keith Mosher www.kamproductions.com With no job and no place to stay, Yelena Kretova stepped off a bus in the middle of the night in Rehoboth Beach. An only child who describes […]
  • The State: Ruling on the River

                              “At the time he presided over Pennsylvania,” says Kenneth L. Kristl of Widener University School of Law, “(William) Penn sent his representatives with a message for New Jersey: ‘They can have liberty of the river. They do not have property of the […]
  • Dover Downs Goes Large

                      While Lady Luck usually calls the shots at Dover Downs, the current expansion of its hotel is a carefully considered business decision made by the company’s top executives. The high stakes addition, which includes 268 luxury rooms, a high-end spa and themed specialty suites, will make […]