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Chipman L. Flowers Jr.

  • Don't Eliminate Our Department of Finance

      With Delaware struggling through the most serious recession since the end of World War II, on July 5, Governor Markell made a startling announcement proposing to eliminate our state […]
  • Reflections on the Great Recession of 2009—The Rise of Political Deals

    As the financial crisis tightens its grip on all aspects of our economy, long-term anxiety is beginning to afflict our national, state and local governments. Talking to a politician in […]
  • Revamping Our State Executive
    Branch (Part II)

    As President-Elect Barack Obama prepares to assume the office of President of these United States, it seems that inadequate attention has been given to the impending change in the executive […]
  • Will the True Economists Step
    Forward…A Crisis is Afoot!

    As I began writing this month’s blog, I was amazed at the number of potential topics based upon the national, state and local political and economic climate. My first thought […]
  • Revamping Our State Legislature (Part I)

    Centuries ago, Thomas Paine, a great visionary, realized that “common sense” prevailed in a world of uncertainty.  This column is dedicated to him and others who believe that practical reasoning […]