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Chipman L. Flowers


    THE PAINE CORNER   Centuries ago, Thomas Paine, a great visionary, realized that “common sense” prevailed in a world of uncertainty. This column is dedicated to him and others who believe that practical reasoning and sound principles of governance can truly make a difference in our society.     The Fall of the Delaware Student […]
  • The Spring of Economic Discontent…Time for an Economic Recovery Plan

    As warmer temperatures return to the First State, many Delawareans are faced with rising fuel prices and tolls, falling wages and home sales, layoffs (or should I use the politically correct phrase, “corporate restructuring” or “downsizing”) and soaring food costs. Over the past few months, news of a downturn in the United States economy has […]
  • A Time for Healing and Governance

      After months of political turmoil in the Democratic Party nationwide, the political landscape is beginning to return to a state of tranquility. While our presumptive presidential nominees, U.S. Senators John McCain and Barack Obama, search for their ideal running mates, we must use this brief pause to heal the partisan bickering (ironically, intra-party bickering) […]

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