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John Sweeney

  • Wilmington's City Council President Advocates for Strong Neighborhoods

    East Side native Hanifa Shabazz hopes to slow the epidemic of violence that has plagued the city in the past.
  • Tom Wagner Calls It a Career

    Says the longtime state auditor: "When it's time to go, you know it's time to go."
  • After the Riots: 50 Years Later, Have We Learned Anything?

    Fifty years since citizens of Wilmington reacted angrily to the death of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., it’s past time to evaluate what we have learned and how far we have come.
  • Who Will Save Us?

    Our institutions aren't what they used to be. The political system has changed, too—and not for the better. Solving our problems will require new leaders who can win new commitments from vested partners.
  • The Most Important Founding Father You've Never Heard Of

    On the 250th anniversary of his "Letters"—some of the most important writing behind the American Revolution—it's time John Dickinson is paid his due.
  • Bill Frank, legendary journalist

    Has there ever been a better marriage between a newspaper reporter and a state than Bill Frank and Delaware? Probably not. And more than likely we’ll never see such a […]