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JoJami Tyler

  • Cold and Rain Could Not Detour Big Opening For Nordstrom

    It’s not every day you get to witness a little piece of history—when you can some day brag to your grandkids, “ I was here the day it opened!” Today […]
  • The Inside Scoop: Nordstrom Grand Opening

      My heart is racing as I write this. It is as though Christmas is going to come early this year. Oh yes, you know this Glam Gal is counting […]
  • Dashing

    This Rehoboth real estate broker knows how to do classic creatively. Plus, Great Stuff just feels good.
  • In Hot Pursuit of Sheen and Shine

    Good grief, this winter has been so tough on things—especially my hair. It has been so dry and lackluster looking. I was just thinking how it would take a miracle […]
  • Great Stuff

    Do you have a lot of great stuff or too much of it? Recycling your wardrobe is the latest craze in going green. Not only will you save money, but […]
  • Christiana Mall: Wall-to-Wall Lux

    You can’t image how thrilled this Glam Gal is to see all the changes going on over at the Christiana Mall. Having watched it go from fab to drab over […]
  • Holiday Makeup Tips That Sparkle and Shine!

    The world of fashion is full of beauty, glamour and shine this holiday. Houppette in Greenville makes shopping for fine beauty lines like Laura Mercier simple but fun. Walking into […]
  • Glitter, Sparkle, Shine!

      Oh yeah, the Glam Gal’s getting all a flutter…it is holiday time and this year’s goodies are beckoning my inner party girl! Enter, Peter Kate Shoes! Thanks goodness, because […]
  • Hair We Love, Cuts to Die For

    Do you seem to flock to people that look well groomed? Like when you are standing in line at a store or in an elevator and a woman just has […]
  • Do Judge a Great Boutique by its Owner

    Christy Hamer was an at-home mom with a creative streak that needed to come out. With plenty of experience in retail, this fashionista felt it was time that Rehoboth had […]