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Lisa Chase

  • Beating the Organization Crunch

    Having a hard time keeping your stuff and holiday schedules together? A professional organizer could help.
  • Football Fever

    Healthy snacking means sandwiches made with lean meats and drinking light alcohol. Pre-game, exercise by tossing the ball.    Planning a Super Bowl party for next month, but wondering how to honor your resolution to eat sensibly? Registered dietitian Gabrielle Snyder-Marlow, manager of food and nutrition services for Eugene du Pont Preventive Medicine at Christiana […]
  • Kids Are What They Eat

    Parents need to set nutritional parameters by reviewing school menus with their children and helping them to make healthy choices.   Kids are What They EatTeaching children to eat well is essential to instilling good dietary habits that will last throughout their lives. With obesity and diabetes in children at an all-time high, the debate […]
  • Capitalize

    Forney’s Too Shopping in downtown Dover is a wonderful experience. The stores are within walking distance of each other, and they are run by people who care about the customer and each other. You can find just about any gift for that special someone at places such as Forney’s, Forney’s Too, Delaware Made and Beyond […]
  • Beating the Organization Crunch

    Sue Frost helps people organize their space in part by helping them to organize their schedules. Photograph by Tom Nutter www.tomnutterphotos.com Beating the Organization CrunchHaving a hard time keeping your stuff and schedules together? A professional organizer could help. Plus, start saving for your kid’s college education now. And how to stop your office from […]
  • Being Well: Ladies, Start Your Business

    Trina and Dante (right) opened the Delaware Academy salon in Newark with the help of the Delaware Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship. Jayne Armstrong (left), of the U.S. Small Business Administration, says there’s never been a better time for women to start a business.Photograph by Thom Thompson www.thomthompson.com In Delaware, there are about 18,000 businesses owned […]
  • Being Well: Don’t Step on It

    Cops are out to get aggressive drivers, so watch your road rage. illustration by Deanna Staffohttp://deannastaffo.com If you’re an aggressive driver, look out. Recent crackdowns are aimed at you, and they’re working. In a recent poll by the American Automobile Association, 46 percent of Delaware motorists say aggressive driving is the greatest threat to safety […]
  • Being Well: Paying Medical Bills the Smart Way

    Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê A health savings account may be used to pay for costs not covered by most traditional insurance plans. The accounts must be set up long before your retirement years, says James Gandolfo, one of the nation’s foremost experts on HSAs. Photograph by Tom […]
  • Being Well: A New Dream for Homeowners?

                            Vincent Ingui, president and CEO of Louviers Mortgage Corporation in Wilmington, recommends buying a new home with an interest-only mortgage. photograph by Christian Kaye http://www.transitdesigns.com   Vincent Ingui hopes to change the way Delawareans think about their mortgage through his “redefining the American […]
  • Headline News

                          Photographs by Kevin Fleminghttp://kevinfleming.com   The Chicago Times said it best back in 1861: “It is a newspaper’s duty to print the news and raise hell.” Downstate readers would hardly charge friendly rivals Delaware State News and Dover Post with raising Cain. In fact, the […]

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