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Matt Desiderio

  • How Project Engage is Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

    Dr. Terry Horton's program helps provide a pathway to healing.
  • Playwright David Robson Premieres “After Birth of a Nation”

    Robson's latest reflects perfectly his fascination with uncomfortable chapters in our history—and our need to laugh.
  • How Brew HaHa!'s Alisa Morkides Created a Coffee Empire

    Morkides has done more than create a hip coffee shop. She has nearly cornered the market on community.
  • Dance Dreams

    Photograph by Luigi Ciuffetelli www.luigic.com Pasha and Kristina Kambalov watch as Brittany Ross dances across the studio.             Snow is falling on Market Street , dancing about the high mansard roof of Wilmington’s Grand Opera House, catching the glow of street lamps and collectinrog on the cornices of the cast-iron […]
  • Hey, Where are all the Nudists?

                          Arden residents attend weekly community dinners that they hope include the famous pound cake of Caroll Page-Githens.photograph by Shane McCauley www.shanemccauley.com   When Sue Rothrock opens the door, she has just come in from gardening. Her complexion shows the first tinge of springtime sun […]
  • Floundering at the Water’s Edge

    My fishing trips usually end badly. My first boyhood attempt at angling nearly got me drowned. Eager to put the bait way out in the deep water where my keen young mind suspected the fish were lurking, I cast with such spastic athleticism that I bodily flung myself into the canal. Unable to swim, I […]
  • Castles Made of Sand

                        photographs supplied by Matt Desiderio; photo collage by Kelly Carter My family’s beach cottage is yellow, almost safety yellow, and it has a funny name: Atsa Nice. This makes perfect sense. The house, for 40 years, is where we have all retreated to laugh and […]
  • Everything But The Squeal

                        The scheme of buying a spring pig in blossomtime, feeding it through summer and fall, and butchering it when the solid cold arrives, is a familiar scheme to me and follows an antique pattern. It is a tragedy enacted on most farms with perfect fidelity […]
  • In the Wind

    Just north of Little Heaven, Route 9 swings down from the north and around the back of Dover Air Force Base to join Route 1. It was here on a September morning that I first swung my motorcycle onto a narrow course of pale macadam. The sun shone low in the south, giving the day […]

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