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Reid Champagne

  • Eat Your Best

    Planning how often, when and how much you eat of the right foods is the key to healthy nutrition. So forget the fad diet. Here’s all you need to know about eating right.
  • Health in Brief

    Bayhealth's pet assisted therapy program is a success. Plus, weight loss with a spiritual twist, family caregivers get a break, and more.
  • The Six Stages of Golf Grief

    We would all be thankful if we could go through life without having to experience the five stages of grief. But grief will touch us all. Most of us will […]
  • Golf’s Guilty Pleasures

    The 36 Most Beautiful Golf Holes
  • This Is No Ash Heap

    Seaford rescues a former DuPont playground and offers a bargain—as well as a quality layout.
  • A Darling in Downingtown

    Finding a golf course that offers you the opportunity to challenge the upper reaches of your skill level while rewarding the cautious course manager may not be a rarity, but […]
  • Justin Martinson Is the Player of the Year in 2010

    DSGA 2010 Player of the Year Justin Martinson prepares for life as a pro. Plus, Who's tops in the GAP and DSGA, keeping the clubs swinging, tips to sharpen your game, and more.
  • Ageless Wonder

    The “new economy” has helped the author, and many other boomers, turn back the clock on their career paths. Now what will they do when they grow up?
  • Home Sweat Home

    It’s a very special occurrence when a house becomes a home—even if that home needs a new roof, a new water heater...
  • A Pre-recorded Life

    The author came. He saw the technology. And to his amazement, he conquered it. That’s not to say he’s joining the tech revolution just yet.

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