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Great Spots to Catch Gorgeous Sunsets at the Delaware Beaches



Beach sunsets are a mixed blessing. There’s that first night, your belly full of crab and maybe a few beverages, when the orange glow is a promise of a few more days—or a week—of fun, relaxation and maybe a little bit of nothing, which is too rare a commodity in our busy lives. By the end of your time, though, they become melancholy reminders of a return to reality. It’s then that you gaze upon them, sigh and breathe deeply, struggling to internalize the sensations that bring you joy in the hope that they’ll carry you through daily routines until the time we can once again appreciate that special glow at the end of a good day.

Here are some of our favorite local shots that perfectly capture the unrestrained beauty of Delaware sunsets.

Cape Henlopen State Park, Lewes


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Just off the coast of Cape Henlopen State Park sits the The Delaware Breakwaster East End Light, a historic lighthouse that looks particularly striking at sunset.

Rehoboth Beach


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Rehoboth Beach’s water tower sits in a central location in the town, but the local landmark pales in comparison to the stunning sky behind it (especially when viewed from a drone.)

Dewey Beach


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This extra-long bayside fishing pier in Dewey perfectly frames the setting sun.

Bethany Beach



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This photo is all the proof we need to know that when the sky, sand and sea come together in Bethany, the results are spectacular.

Fenwick Island


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Cotton candy skies sure are sweet in Fenwick Island.