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Welcome to Delaware Grapevine, an electronic newspaper written by Delawareans, for Delawareans, about Delawareans.

It intends to provide a perspective you won’t get anywhere else, taking a look at opinion leaders and decision makers to let the readers know what is really going on, particularly when the power brokers would rather you didn’t.

Without a doubt, the worst thing one Delawarean can say about another is, I don’t know him. I don’t know her. Delaware Grapevine is the place where you’ll find out about the people you do know and the people you need to know.

Delaware Grapevine can be contacted by telephone at 302-731-8400, by fax machine at 302-731-4740, and by e-mail at delawaregrapevine@comcast.net

This e-newspaper will present an array of news stories, analyses and features. In addition, it will post news releases from candidates, political organizations and government officials and comments from readers. In general these offerings will be run as submitted, although they are subject to editing.

News releases and comments from readers should include telephone numbers for confirmation.

Happy reading.