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How much does the digital edition cost?
A single copy is $4.99 and 12-issue subscriptions are $14.99.

Can I preview the digital edition to see if I’d like it?
You may view screenshots of our digital edition, or you may purchase a single-issue subscription for just $4.99.
Click here to view screenshots of the digital edition
Click here to purchase a single-issue subscription
How do I buy the digital edition if I like it?
Click on the link below to our electronic newsstand at iTunes’s App Store and use the secure payment system to sign up for an annual subscription. iTunes will store each issue in a digital library you can access anytime.

Install the free iTunes reader on your computer and you can access the magazine anytime through iTunes using a web browser. You can even download the magazine and read it whenever you want wherever you want from your laptop—no web access needed!
Click here to buy the digital edition

Can I read the digital edition on an iPad?
Yes, just download the free iTunes app and browse through rich, digitally formatted full-color pages of the magazine on your iPad.
Click here to download the iTunes app for the iPad

Is the content of the digital edition different from the print edition?
You will receive all the content of the print edition in full-color magazine layout format, PLUS links to all websites featured in the issue.

As a print subscriber, do I automatically have access to the digital edition?
No, the digital edition requires a separate subscription.
Will I be able to print or share pages of the digital edition?
Yes! If you open the digital issue at your desktop, you can print your favorite pages.