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A Touch of Italy


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A Touch of Italy

Touch of Italy is an Italian oasis stocked with cured meats hanging from the ceiling, cheeses stacked like mountains and a river of olives running through it.

From 2010:
Why did it take so long to get a gourmet salumeria in Delaware’s most foodie-friendly town? Nevertheless, A Touch of Italy is a welcome addition to Rehoboth Beach, stocking lots of cured meats, cheeses and provisions. Get your Stravecchio Parmesan, Auricchio provolone or Vantia-brand prosciutto here. All hang conveniently from the ceiling. The Bascio family—led by Louie and brother Frankie—smoke mozzarella in-house and file it alongside the largest selection of imported Italian cheeses in the state.

It really is more than just a touch at A Touch of Italy when you consider the authentic New York-style heroes made from ingredients such as famous prosciutto from Parma and San Danielli, shaved provolone, hot capicola, sun-dried peppers, homemade mozzarella and hard rolls from Arthur Avenue Italian Deli in the Bronx. All 15 sandwiches on the menu board are made to order.

Other location:
101 Second St., Lewes, 827-2730
19724 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, 703-3090


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