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Abbott’s Grill


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Abbott’s Grill

Second Location:
301 Delaware Ave., Laurel, 280-6172

Best Appetizer, 2014:
You don’t see French onion soup on many menus these days. At Abbott’s Grill, you do. And we’re glad. We’re also crazy for the calamari, the charcuterie board, and oysters baked with spinach, mushrooms and Asiago.

From 2012:
Abbott’s Grill doesn’t offer a brunch buffet every Sunday, only on special occasions,
so you’ll want to plan a new celebration for Mother’s Day and Easter. You’ll find an
omelet station; a carving station with roast beef, lamb, ham and brisket; a raw bar; several cold salads; crab crepes; plus delicious housemade pastries and desserts. It is a special occasion, indeed.

From 2011:
Super chefs at Abbott’s Grill, Ryan Cunningham and Kevin Reading, know that great gnocchi should be light and airy, not starchy doughballs. The herbed gnocchi in the “Not Your Mom’s” chicken and dumplings are better than mom’s (sorry mom).

From 2010:
Ryan Cunningham and Kevin Reading have introduced haute country cuisine to Milford in the form Abbott’s Grill, the pair’s celebration of local produce and relaxing comfort—especially over at Bald Jason’s, the adjoining pub). The something-for-everyone menu is made entirely from scratch—including the night’s selection of ice creams—and is made up of such inspired dishes as clams Casino flatbread pizza, bison burgers and bison chili using meat from local Colvine Bison Farm.

The silky perfection of pumpkin gnocchi at Abbott’s Grill comes as a result of some tireless work in the kitchen. Chefs Kevin Reading and Ryan Cunningham harmonize handmade gnocchi with tender chunks of braised lamb (sometimes duck), sun-dried cherries, butternut squash all together in a thick ragout made from sweet Madeira reduction and topped with shaved Parmesan. It’s an exercise in sophistication and warmth.


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