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Jessop’s Tavern


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Jessop’s Tavern

From 2012:

Jessop’s Tavern and Restaurant is a perfect fit for a town that takes its history seriously.
Dining there feels like eating in the kitchen of the George Read House. A menu of hearty
pot roast, pork chops and “Fricken Chicassee” always satisfies.

From 2010:

So there you are on an ugly February evening. Your feet are frozen. You have the sniffles. Work was awful. Can you imagine a better thing to do than dining by the blazing fire at Jessop’s Tavern in cozy Old New Castle and enjoying every darn bite of Dutch pot roast and Martha’s Colonial cobbler? Didn’t think so.

From 2009:

Even if Jessop’s Tavern weren’t a few blocks from Lucinda Williams’ home, she’d still be a fan. “Jessop’s is a charming, little Old New Castle tavern,” she says. “I love to spend cold, wintry evenings by the fireplace, having comfort food and catching up with the locals.” The tavern, rustic and warm, is a throwback to Colonial times, a place to warm the winter with homemade soups—served with Swedish crisp bread—and Dutch pot roast with mashed potatoes, vegetables and gravy. Colonial pot pie, one of the tavern’s best offerings, is made with a homemade buttermilk crust and brims with root vegetables. You won’t have room left, so share Martha’s Colonial Cobbler. It’s made in-house.


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