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Lestardo’s Crab House


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Lestardo’s Crab House

Best Crab House, 2014:
Lestardo’s Crab House serves pub decor with the requisite nautical decorations, cold draft beer and fairly priced crabs all year. Get there early.

Previous Year:
It’s hard to find steamed blue crabs year-round—especially when the worst oil spill in history threatened their habitat on the Gulf Coast. That’s why people are so grateful for Lestardo’s Crab House, a Hare’s Corner classic. Apps include fried clams and peel-and-eat shrimp, shellacked trophy fish hang on the wall and friendly waitstaff bring you fresh, plump crabs doused in a housemade spice blend.

From 2009:

Grab a hammer and crank up the jukebox. Lestardo’s Crab House is a classic crab house without the view. But who needs scenery when you’re cracking into spicy steamed blue crabs and drinking cold beer? Lestardo’s serves crabs year-round and offers a menu full of seafood, as well as some tasty appetizers. The crabs are always good and the staff is always friendly and attentive. Now dig in.


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    New Castle

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