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Lewes Gourmet


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Lewes Gourmet

From 2012:

For 19 years, the Braithwaites have been stocking Lewes Gourmet with popular and hard- to-find foods and goods. Their shop carries three racks of British items alone, including teas, candies and marmalades, as well as every oil, spice, sauce and flavoring under the sun. The locally made jams and jellies are a big hit with regulars.

From 2008:

Customers with good taste seek out gourmet fare at Lewes Gourmet no matter how much it costs them to drive there. The shop’s dedicated owners, Lou and Gavin Braithwaite, have earned that loyalty. This year the couple is expanding on specialty oils, juniper berries, lavender for cooking and hard-to-find spices such as Beau Monde. Gourmands can find toasted hazelnut oil from France and argan oil from Morocco, which is wonderful for drizzling on goat cheese or mashed potatoes. Lewes Gourmet is also adding more table linens from India and hand towels from California. The Braithwaites stock fresh cheeses, sauces, 50-plus tea varieties, teapots and cozies, jellies, chutneys and jams.


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