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Ole Tapas Lounge & Restaurant


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Ole Tapas Lounge & Restaurant

Warm, rustic, utterly authentic tapas make the grade at Olé Tapas Lounge, as do artisanal charcuterie and exhilarating Valencian paella. The common thread is bold Mediterranean flavors, especially those stemming from Spain. See the chorizo gratin, with melty tetilla cheese for more, as well as the bacon-wrapped Mission figs with cave-aged cabrales cheese. Buy small glasses of wine to match.

From 2009:

“Tapas is the latest trend in dining, a tradition in Spain that’s caught on amid our economic recession,” says critic Ciro Poppiti. He raises a fork to Olé Tapas Lounge & Restaurant. You can nibble several small plates of food, or you can gorge on one big one. “I cannot fully underscore the effort and attention to detail that went into the restaurant before it opened,” Poppiti says. “And because of that effort, Olé Tapas has quickly evinced itself as one of the best Delaware has to offer.” Olé opened to great acclaim last year, drawing patrons to traditional Spanish flavors in dishes such as wild mushrooms with chorizo and plump shrimp cooked with Spanish olive oil and slivered garlic. The potato-white bean soup is sublime. Chef Ivan Torres writes a new menu daily.


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