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Slumber Parties by Debe Lynne


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Slumber Parties by Debe Lynne

Why would you want to host a party for a Bachelorette or for yourself? It's FREE! It's FANTASTIC FUN! It's SASSY, CLASSY & INFORMATIVE! My passion is for you and your guests to have a great time and to provide memories for the bride to be! Quite simply an extravaganza of fun! You as a hostess or co-hostess, receive a free feather boa, hostess gift and 10% of the total sales in free merchandise (Plus additional incentives that benefit you and the bride!). With me, you can take your personal shopping to a higher level as I bring 3 suitcases of products with me and the ladies can shop privately and take their purchases home with them that very night! If any of your guests have to order items, I mail it directly to them, so you're not in the middle. I have a wireless credit card machine that takes all major credit cards and I accept cash. The presentation only lasts 30-45 minutes and I totally embrace questions, fun and laughter so everyone is thrilled! Excellent Products, Excellent Fun!!! So check your schedule and give me a call 302.650.0695 or visit me at www.slumberpartiesbydebelynne.com and book a party! You'll thank yourself for it!!!!!!!

Book with me! Let’s talk Bridal Bucks!!!


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