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Tower Hill School


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Tower Hill School

Tower Hill School prepares students from diverse backgrounds for full and creative engagement with a dynamic world. Academic excellence is the foundation of a Tower Hill education. But there is so much more. At the fields and courts, the stage and studio—with friends, teachers and coaches—students are immersed in an environment that inspires them to reach for their best in every endeavor. To do many things well.

Founded in 1919, Tower Hill provides a rigorous and innovative academic curriculum balanced with creativity through the arts, healthy attitudes through athletics and responsibility through service to the community. Located on a beautiful 44-acre campus in northwest Wilmington, Tower Hill is a coeducational independent school serving age 3 through Grade 12 built on a 100-year legacy as a national leader in education.

Combining personal challenge with individual support, our excellent teachers develop in students a strong foundation for lifelong learning and global citizenship. Students are engaged in a variety of educational experiences that foster analytical thinking, artistic expression and growth in character and integrity. A warm and welcoming atmosphere makes learning fun and exciting.

Tower Hill embraces and celebrates all cultures and beliefs, strengthening the sense of community and expanding our students’ abilities to learn from one another. One-third of our enrollment represents students of color, including Upper School students from abroad. Global Initiatives, Service Learning and Social Justice programs provide students with meaningful opportunities to broaden their horizons and make lasting connections.

Athletics and physical education are an essential part of the school day for all grade levels. Talented and dedicated coaches teach physical fitness and sportsmanship as well as the fundamentals and strategies of sport. We offer all of our students, who vary in their interest and ability, the opportunity to participate in quality programs that appropriately challenge them to stretch their limits of endurance, self-confidence, leadership and teamwork.

By the time students graduate, they are exceedingly well prepared for life in college and beyond.


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