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Two Stones Pub


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Two Stones Pub

Best American Cuisine, 2014:
Never mind discussions about what, exactly, we mean by “American” food these days. Were we to suppose one means individualistic, influenced by many other cuisines and, possibly, having a real sense of fun, we vote for Two Stones Pub. Appetizers are called snacks. Nonetheless, we’re fans. Things we loved: fried Brussels sprouts with Sriracha mayonnaise, the smoked duck and cheese, the stacked nachos. Pulled pork puts them in a class of their own. On the entrée side, we go for the Creole shrimp macaroni and cheese, pan-roasted chicken breast with herbed jus and rib-stickin’ meatloaf.

Best Gastropub, 2014:
Two Stones Pub may not have been the first in the area to call itself a gastropub, but it should have been. The original in Newark, with its emphasis on craft brews and finely crafted casual fare, became an instant hit. A great late-night menu keeps you sampling all the brews you want.

From 2012:
There’s an upcharge when you substitute the white truffle-Parmesan fries for the batter-
dipped fries that usually come with your sandwich at the World Café Live, but they’re
worth every penny. The subtle flavor of truffle blends magically with the hint of cheese
to create a flavor that is just made for potatoes. Two Stones Pub is hip to the truffle
treatment, too, and we couldn’t be happier.

Second Location:
2502 Foulk Road, Wilmington; 302-439-3231


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