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A Guide to Financial Planning in Delaware


Bradford Winton is a registered representative and investment adviser for Capital Analysts, a registered broker dealer and investment adviser. Member FINRA/SIPC

My father always told me before every high school wrestling season that practice makes perfect. In the world of sports, practicing usually means blood, sweat and tears. However, practicing with your investments—without sufficient knowledge—can be frustrating.

Investing your hard-earned dollars toward a particular goal does not need to be painful. The following is a brief, albeit wholesome, look at personal finance from a generational perspective. This is not a prescription for issues you may be dealing with, but rather things to consider moving forward. Remember: This is a guide. When it comes to your personal finances, do consult a certified financial planner.


Ages 20-30

Glossary of Terms

Ages 30-40

Traits to Look for in a Planner

Mutual Funds: Key Points to Remember

Ages 40-50

Age 50-When You’re Ready

Financial Planning Checklist

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