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Faces of Delaware 2021

The Face of Your Financial Future


Live the Life You’ve Always Imagined. At Concord Financial Group we don’t invest for our clients—we partner with them. We always make sure to respect their vision and invest aligned with their goals. From day one, they understand the what, where, when, why, and how of their investments. Forget convoluted acronyms and jargon—we tell them what the plan is in simple English. We always invest according to their values, because we know conscientious investments could make a positive difference in this world. That’s why we work long hours—we want to drive for excellence, both for them and the world. We take the journey with our clients, every step of the way. We are independent thinkers. In the stock market, consensus is baked into the pricing of investments. To deliver better outcomes, we have to question the consensus.

1711 Woodlawn Avenue, Wilmington, DE 19806
302.478.4707 • Concordfinancialgroup.com

Left to right: Spencer Bahnsen, Jocelyn Trapani, Ephie Coumanakos, Robbie Mitchell

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