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Our Staff Picks for Great Delaware Beer, Wine and Cocktails


Every month, Delaware Today heads to a local establishment to taste-test libations. Our favorites will make a splash here.

Libation of the month: Blown Deadline IPA

Where to find it: Stitch House Brewery

829 N. Market St., Wilmington
250-4280 • stitchhousebrewery.com

Author Douglas Adams once famously noted that he loved deadlines, especially the whooshing sound they made as they went past. So as a lifelong ink-stained writer all too familiar with editors asking for work that’s maybe a little late, it was almost against my professional code of conduct to pass up the Blown Deadline IPA on the menu at Stitch House Brewery. Copper in color, this potent (7.5 ABV) India pale ale comes with fragrant and tasty hoppiness on the front end, finishing clean and far less bitter than many of its IPA peers. That extra alcohol punch merits some good judgment on your part if you are, as I was, enjoying a brew with lunch (the Smoked Chicken Salad, made with grapes, dill mayo and arugula on ciabatta). Fortunately, Stitch House’s friendly staff are happy to pour up a half-pint, as a full pour might put you in too good a mood for that afternoon budget meeting. Happy hour (4 to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday) is a different story, where Blown Deadline is a featured selection, and a toast to those unfinished tasks might warrant a full pint.
—Scott Pruden, Executive Editor

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