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Here’s Where to Get Levante Brewing Company Beer in Delaware

Photo courtesy of Levante Brewing

West Chester, Pennsylvania-based Levante Brewing Company recently expanded its distribution to the First State for locals to sip.

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Fans of Pennsylvania’s Levante Brewing no longer need to cross the state line to get a taste of their brews.

The brewery announced on Facebook earlier this month that it would begin distributing in Delaware. Various restaurants and bars were listed as places customers could stop for a Levante brew.

Levante Brewing Company Expands to Delaware

Photo courtesy of Levante Brewing

“We’re stoked to fill you in on our newest adventure, so here it is: we’re working with the stellar, craft-driven folks at OtherSide Beverage Project to distribute our draft beer throughout your beautiful state,” the brewery wrote on its Facebook page.

Levante began dropping off kegs of their newest beers to to Delaware locations earlier this month, according to the Facebook post.

“More locations will be updated in the coming weeks. Additionally, we are sending 4-pack cans of our newest creation: ReVibe Seltzer so follow each location for updates and availability,” the post continued.

Where to Get Levante Brewing Company Beer in Delaware

Photo courtesy of Levante Brewing

Here is the list of participating restaurants and bars as listed from the Facebook post:

More information:
Levante Brewing Company

208 Carter Dr., Suite 2, West Chester, Pennsylvania
Taproom Phone: (484) 999-8761

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