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These Refreshing Canned Cocktails Are Available at a Liquor Store Near You


Why is it so hard to replicate a tastycraft cocktail at home, evenwithall the proper tools and ingredients? Well, it seemsNew York-basedSouthern Tier Distilling Companyhas heard our cries,recently adding three canned cocktails (yes, you read that correctly!) to its already bustling brewing business.

The Bourbon Smash,a cousin to the mint julep, features abalance of lemon, ginger and mint for a slightly carbonated, sweet andcitrusyfinish. The Vodka Madras consists of cranberry, orange and lime, plus chamomile and cardamom. And the light, refreshingGin & Tonic features hints of elderflower, cucumber andlime zest. Each carbonated cocktail is made with artisanal, all-natural ingredients.

Thecocktailsare sold in packs of four at the following locations:

ABC Liquors
Fox Run Shopping Center, Bear

Atlantic Liquors
19108 Coastal Hwy.,RehobothBeach

KrestonWine & Spirits
904 Concord Ave., Wilmington

Pacific Wine & Spirits
18578 Coastal Hwy., #14,RehobothBeach

Courtesy of DanielleBouchat-Friedman