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The Jessica Rabbit Cocktail Is a Must in Rehoboth Beach

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This cocktail contains grapefruit vodka, grapefruit juice, floral notes, and is finished off with a stunning petal-shaped ice cube.

Libation of the Month
Jessica Rabbit

Where To Find It
Stingray Sushi Bar + Asian Grill
59 Lake Ave., Rehoboth; 227-6476

Jessica rabbit cocktail

Courtesy of Stingray Sushi Bar + Asian Grill

An extraordinary sushi roll is a feast for the eyes and the palate. So, it stands to reason that a restaurant specializing in Asian cuisine can make a comely cocktail. Consider the flirty and feminine Jessica Rabbit at Stingray Sushi Bar + Asian Grill in Rehoboth Beach. The drink is named after the voluptuous cartoon character in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? “It’s pink, purple, sexy, tall, elegant,” says bartender Ryan Minnick.

Stingray’s version contains grapefruit vodka, Lillet Blanc, lavender bitters, fresh grapefruit juice and Mont Paral sparkling (cava) rosé. The wow factor comes from a petal-shaped ice cube. “We have a few different ice molds and spheres we like to play around with,” he says. “You can put color, smoke, herbs and flowers inside.” The floral cube, citrusy-sweet flavor and fragrant aroma make this cocktail perfect for May.

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