Market Street Bread and Bagel

A new “easy-breezy” place opens downtown with great breads and pastries.

There’s a new place in town to enjoy delicious bread and pastries, sip on some coffee and grab some fresh bread for dinner. Market Street Bread and Bagel opened Jan. 5 and had a fantastic first week.

Chef Bryan Sikora, owner of La Fia and Cocina Lolo, had been anticipating the opening for weeks. Just two weeks after opening, Sikora already has high hopes and plans for his eatery.

The goal for Market Street Bread and Bagel is that is will be an “easy-breezy” place with a lounge-type feel, a social spot where you can be comfortable and enjoy the eats.

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Some of their specialties include six types of delicious, crunchy French bread, tomato pie and cream-filled doughnuts—and their menu is only going to get better. There are plans to soon include breakfast and lunch sandwiches, salads and other café-type meals.

823 N. Market St., Wilmington