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Bon Appétit Joins Corner Bistro and Lucky's Coffee Shop


Mickey Donatello has cornered the corner of Concord Pike and Silverside Road, adding the esteemed Bon Appétit to his Corner Bistro-Lucky’s Coffee Shop empire. The logo may look a little different, but the name remains the same. So does the spirit of the place. Established by Louisette Amblard 28 years ago, Bon Appétit has been an icon in north Wilmington, a bastion of continental culture and cuisine. So it will remain, with some tweaks. Renovations will be completed by the end of March, Donatello says. The menu will offer a wider variety of charcuterie, cheeses and pâtés, but, overall, the café-bistro will feel the same as it always as. Thank Amblard, who will continue to the guide the place as long as she’d like. 478-4344