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Brew HaHa! Earns Kudos from Business Insider


Who knew Business Insider rated coffee shops? Then again, commerce in America would probably cease without caffeine and great places to “have an off-site meeting.” Here’s what it had to say about the best coffee shops in the country, state by state, including Delaware: “Forget Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. Every state has its beloved local haunt where you can grab a cup of joe or a foamy masterpiece of latte art and unwind. We found the best coffee shop in every state by looking at expert reviews and local recommendations… Despite the name, Brew HaHa! is serious about coffee. With several locations around the state, BrewHaHa! has been voted the best coffee in Delaware by Delaware Today for 19 years running.” In case you’re planning an off-site meeting in another state, see the full list here.


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