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Celebrate Mardi Gras Right


Mardi Gras is a holiday marking Fat Tuesday, the prelude to Lent, and in New Orleans and beyond has transformed into a rowdy annual festival with parades, music and lots of delicious food. You can find some classic Creole specialties at North Quarter Creole in Wilmington any day of the year, but on Mardi Gras the restaurant will be rolling out its crawfish boil. We’re talking fresh crawfish (straight from New Orleans) served in a rich, buttery broth and doused in fresh herbs for $15, plus sides. The whole menu is packed with mouthwatering Creole goodness, including a colorful and hearty gumbo, jambalaya and mountains of shrimp. Enjoy live entertainment, too: Lower Case Blues, a popular local blues trio, will be playing at 7 p.m. Chef Mike Goodwin expects a packed house, so arrive early and plan to stay late.

North Quarter Creole
837 North Union St., Wilmington

Lower Case Blues