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Chef Suggests Mindful Eating Feeds Your Soul


Gretchen Hanson, the executive chef at Hobos Restaurant and Bar in Rehoboth Beach, knows how to eat: one bite at a time. That’s important, she says. Here’s why. “I have spent most of my life eating at the kitchen sink. Literally. Even as a chef, I rarely sit down and enjoy a meal with my friends and family at an actual table with silverware and the time to enjoy the experience. I spend hours creating a dining event for other people every day and never enjoy one myself. I grab the first thing at hand (usually bread or carrots) and slather it with the second thing at hand (hummus, romesco, tapenade, baba ghanoush—you get the idea), and call it a meal. My justification is that I taste all day long, so I don’t really need to eat. And while I am getting enough to eat calorically (although definitely not nutritionally), I am not doing something equally important, and that is feeding my soul. As a survivor of years upon years of relentless yoyo dieting and an alphabet soup of eating disorders, I still have not learned how to do the one thing well that is most essential—and that is to actually learn how to feed myself.” Read more here: 302 Health/Deliberate Eating.

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