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Delaware's First Annual Mead & Meat Festival


If you’ve never heard of mead or had a chance to sample it, now is your chance. Head to Liquid Alchemy Beverages on Oct. 29 for its first annual Mead & Meat Festival, where you can enjoy lots of mead—and meat creations—from noon until 9 p.m.

Mead is best known as the drink of Vikings, the oldest alcoholic beverage on record and one that holds a hallowed place in Norse mythology. The ancient varieties resulted from fermented honey and water. Modern makers have tweaked the types of honey and yeasts to create meads that can be still or sparkling, sweet or dry. They have also added herbs, spices and fruits to create drinks of great complexity.

Award-winning chefs from Bang Bang BBQ and Maiale Deli and Salumeria will be serving up delicious meat dishes; plus, there will be plenty of chocolate-covered bacon, bacon donuts and more.

More information:
Delaware’s First Annual Mead & Meat Festival
Saturday, Oct. 29
Noon–9 p.m.
Liquid Alchemy Beverages
28 Brookside Drive, Wilmington