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Fifer Orchards Readies for 95th Growing Season


Photo courtesy of fiferorchards.com

The gang at Fifer Orchards in Wyoming is getting ready for a busy growing season—its 95th. Here are a couple of things to look forward to.  

Six new high tunnels mean beautiful tomatoes will be ready for harvest by mid-June. The tunnels, totally heated by the sun, allow for an earlier planting by protecting the plants from the cold. These are not greenhouse tomatoes. New crops this season include sweet potatoes, kale, collards, butternut squash, acorn squash, spaghetti squash, spinach and peppers. Asparagus lovers, cutting should begin by mid-April. The strawberry harvest should begin in late April. The plants are looking good and are now ready for warm weather to bring blossoms and honey bees for pollination. Sweet. The Country Store will re-open on or before April 10. Check Facebook for updates