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Pizza Joints You Must Try


For true aficionados of Sicilian-style pie, there’s no better place than family-run Café Palermo. It’s a hidden gem in Wilmington. The pie to try: Traditional cheese Its sauce is zesty and bright, not cooked to syrupy glock. The dough is thick and light, with a hint of salt. (3612 Miller Road, Wilmington, 762-5818; cafepalermode.com)

At Café Verdi, you’ll find lots of options, Neapolitan or Sicilian styles. The pie to try: Spinach It’s topped with tomatoes, garlic and a rich mozzarella-ricotta blend. (12A Trolley Square, Wilmington, 656-5411; cafeverdi.com)

At Ciao Pizza, you’ll  find big, New York-style slices with thin, crispy crusts. The pie to try is a tie: Mushroom and Spinach Bianco, and Broccoli Bianco. Then again, the sauce of the classic Neapolitian style bursts with bright basil. (1600 Delaware Ave., Wilmington, 654-5331)

We love the sauce at Little Vinnie’s Pizza & Pasta. It’s smooth, balanced flavor makes the takeout corner a daily lunchtime happening. The pie to try: The Grandma is old-school pie is topped with the tomato-basil-mozzarella trifecta. It’ll feed (and delight) the entire family. (1706 Faulkland Road, Wilmington, 633-6801)

Locals would have liked to keep Miltonian Pizzeria & Wing House a secret, but we’re blowing their cover. Sorry, Miltonians, but Delawareans everywhere need to know. The homemade hand-thrown pizza is outstanding. The pie to try: Praise the thick crust of eh Miltonian, reminiscent of Chicago-style pies. (618 Mulberry St., Milton, 684-1805)