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The Heavenly Oysters That Kept Me Awake at Night



I’ve never considered myself an oyster aficionado. Sure, I’ve slurped a few here and there—some I’ve enjoyed; others not so much—but I’d never generally paid much attention to their varieties or nuances.

Until recently, that is. My fiancé and I jetted off to Charleston, South Carolina, for a weekend away, and on our first night there, a friendly bartender convinced us to order a half-dozen oysters from New Brunswick (one of Canada’s eastern Maritime provinces). Feeling adventurous, we agreed—and boy, were we happy we did! 

Though delicate in size, these mild oysters were creamy in texture and unbelievably sweet in flavor. We guzzled them down with just a drizzle of lemon juice and cocktail sauce, and then immediately ordered a dozen more.

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Even after returning to Delaware, I couldn’t get those succulent little specimens out of my mind. In random fits of insomnia, I began Googling restaurants up and down the state, hoping to see the same New Brunswick beauties staring back at me from a nearby menu.

Then, on a recent Friday evening, we headed to Banks’ Seafood Kitchen and Raw Bar for happy hour. To my surprise—and sheer delight—the raw bar was featuring 10 varieties of oysters on the half shell, two of which were from New Brunswick! And they were just as sweet and satisfying as I remembered.

If you’ve only ever had East Coast oysters, I can’t recommend the New Brunswick variety enough. You won’t be disappointed!

Banks’ Seafood Kitchen and Raw Bar offers half-priced oysters every Tuesday and Thursday, all day long. Menu items are updated daily. For more information, call 777-1500 or visit www.banksseafoodkitchen.com.

Photo by Andrew Hoffecker

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