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Visit These Appetizing Restaurants This Season


A Longwood Christmas
A drive to Longwood Gardens puts you in easy striking distance of Kennett and Unionville, so why not visit a couple you don’t usually get to?
Portobello’s (portabellosofkennettsquare.com) in Kennett serves Italian and American food in a cozy, casual atmosphere. Nearby Byrsa Bistro (byrsabistro.com) serves some of the best Mediterranean fare in the area.
Sovana Bistro (sovanabistro.com) in Unionville defies categorization. It describes itself as Italian and American, but we describe it as heavenly. Catherine’s (catherinesrestaurant.com) is a bit farther up the road, but the eclectic comfort food is well worth the extra five minutes.

Holidays at Hagley
You’re close to the Del. 141-Del. 52 intersection. That puts you in the neighborhood of Pizza By Elizabeths (pizzabyelizabeths.com). Need we say anything about its uptown offerings?  2 Fat Guys (2fatguys.net) offers hearty beef and chicken dishes. Cromwell’s American Tavern & Taqueria (cromwellstavern.com) offers all the good stuff Cromwell’s always did, plus some Mexican-ish additions.

A Brandywine Christmas
Right across the street from the Brandywine River Museum of Art is Brandywine Prime (brandywineprime.com), the place for big chops and great seafood served in a Colonial inn. Travel East to McKenzie Brew House (mckenziebrewhouse.com) for great American fare, craft beer brewed on the premises and fair prices. Blue Pear Bistro (bluepearbistro.com), across from the incomparable Dilworthtown Inn, is perfect for holiday comfort.

Yuletide at Winterthur
Upon leaving, turn left on Del. 52 for the Greenville places or—our suggestion—turn right toward Buckley’s Tavern (buckleystavern.com) for casual and classic American fare. Enjoy.