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Help Waste Masters to Save the World
Everybody benefits when trash doesn’t go to waste.

For many consumers these days, a company’s value can be measured in trash: the less waste, the better.

“It’s imperative that businesses not only create desirable products or offer exceptional services, but that they do so in an environmentally responsible manner,” explains Steve Masterson, co-founder of Waste Masters Solutions (WMS). “Consumers notice when companies take the initiative and join the green movement.”

A 5-year-old, locally owned and operated company based in New Castle, Del., WMS provides “one-stop-shop environmental solutions” to help businesses minimize waste, increase recycling, and reuse materials whenever possible.

“We’re constantly exploring ways in which one customer’s waste might meet the needs of another client,” Masterson says. “As an example, one of our customers was throwing away foam, and another customer was buying it. We reclaimed it from one client so that the other could stuff it in futons!”

 As Masterson puts it, “Trash can no longer be allowed to go to waste. We partner with our customers to find creative, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective ways to handle waste. It’s all about minimizing the organization’s carbon footprint on our world.”

If you’ve ever wondered whether your recycling efforts really make a difference, here’s the proof: Just in the five years that WMS has been doing business, the company has recovered more than 400,000 tons of materials, ranging from metals and woods to cardboard, plastic and paper.

These efforts have SAVED the equivalent of:

6,628 mature trees.
Benefit: Enough timber for 82 million sheets of paper!

7,200 gallons of gasoline.
Benefit: Enough gasoline for Americans to drive more than 201,600 miles!

344,100 gallons of oil.
Benefit: Enough energy to heat and cool more than 1,700 homes for a year!

2,100,000 gallons of water.
Benefit: Enough water to meet the daily fresh water needs of 28,000 Americans!

4,363,600 kilowatts-hours of electricity.
Benefit: Enough power for the annual energy needs of 336 homes for a year!

Even the fact that Waste Masters Solutions utilizes a full range of containers (bins, Dumpsters, and compactors), and makes a point to optimize every pickup, results in fewer hauls and helps to reduce related CO2 emissions.

At the heart of the company’s success is that WMS takes an approach that is quite different from many garbage collection and trash-removal service providers. “We look to recycle before dumping anything in a landfill,” Masterson explains. “In this industry, it’s often the opposite.”

Under the direction of co-founders Steve Masterson and Brian Simmons, WASTE MASTERS SOLUTIONS is a leading provider of environmental solutions, waste handling, and recycling services for clients in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey. Recycling programs designed by the company’s trained professionals and customized to each specific client have helped enhance sustainability plans and increase environmental stewardship for numerous businesses ranging from small mom-and-pop shops to multi-location Fortune 500 companies.

Waste Masters Solutions
19 Davidson Lane
New Castle, DE 19720

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