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Delaware Today Partners with PBS: Wilmington Violence (VIDEO)


Delaware Today and WHYY are now media partners. DT editor-in-chief Maria Hess makes monthly appearances as co-host of WHYY’s “First,” a news magazine that covers cultural, educational and political issues of the First State, and offers in-depth profiles of extraordinary Delawareans. Hess’ segments introduce features in upcoming issues of Delaware Today. The partnership is aligned with NewsWorks.org, WHYY’s expanded news and information service that provides multimedia coverage of local stories. “First” airs on Fridays at 5:30 p.m. and 10 p.m.

First for Friday August 30, 2013 “Wilmington Violence”

“Thinking outside the box to get to the heart of Wilmington’s violence issue, that’s what a University of Delaware professor did when he trained a group of men and women who were either caught up in life on the streets or the criminal justice system to collect data from residents in two poverty stricken neighborhoods. Many call the study an intervention experience designed to direct some of those data collectors to better opportunities.” – whyy.org

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